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CIS Administration/Staff Contact Information

Note: unless otherwise specified, all email addresses should have "" appended to them.


Name Email ( Office Phone
Mohammad Obaidat
Chair JMH 340A (RH)
LL 813-B (LC)
Arthur Werschulz
Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies (LC)
agw LL 815-D (LC) 212-636-6325
Tadeusz Strzemecki
Interim Associate Chair for LC (Fall 2015) LL 815-A (LC) 212-636-6332
Ellen Zhang
Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies (RH)
zhang JMH 338 (RH) 718-817-4484
Gary Weiss
Associate Chair for Graduate Studies
gweiss JMH 308A (RH) 718-817-0785
Yanjun Li
Outcome Assessment Coordinator
yli JMH 402B (RH) 718-817-0505
Sajal Bhatia
Coordinator of the MS Program in Cybersecurity
sbhatia JMH 332 (RH) 718-817-0582


Name Email ( Office Phone
Palma Hutter
Department Secretary - RH JMH 340 (RH) 718-817-4480
Chakra Sharma
System Administrator
csharma JMH 329 (RH) 718-817-4493
Department Secretary - LC
LL 813 (LC) 212-636-6310


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