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Graduate Programs


The Computer and Information Sciences Department offers the following graduate programs:

GSAS Admissions (for Master's in Computer Science)
PCS Admissions (for Master's in Cybersecurity)

Masters in Computer Science

Blending the analytical, practical and theoretical, the Master's program in Computer Science begins with a solid foundation in computing, information and systems. Students work closely with a faculty in such specialties as communication and networks, telecommunication network design, object-oriented databases for large systems, artificial intelligence, data mining, cybersecurity, bioinformatics, information retrieval systems, and the design and analysis of algorithms.

New York City's status as the world's financial capital, media hub and major center of the software and website development industry provides graduates of this program with wide-ranging career opportunities, often facilitated by internships during the course of study. Research facilities include the Informatics & Data Mining Lab, the Wireless Sensor Data Mining Lab, the Networking Lab, and the Robotics & Computer Vision Lab as well as an 88-core high-performance computing cluster and other state of the art equipment and software. GSAS Computer Science classes are held, with minor exceptions, at the Lincoln Center campus in Manhattan. Most classes start after 4 p.m. for the convenience of those who work.

The MSCS program requires 30 credits and can be completed by a full-time student in 3 or 4 semesters. For more information about program requirements, check the detailed MSCS degree requirements.

For more information about this M.S. program, contact:

Dr. Gary Weiss
Associate Chair for Graduate Studies
Phone: (718) 817-0785
or call the CIS Department at: (718) 817-4480

For more information about GSAS Master's programs, or for information about the application process, go to GSAS Master's Programs.

Masters in Cybersecurity

Demand for qualified professionals in cybersecurity is growing rapidly. In response to this demand, the department is launching a new Master's program in Cybersecurity this fall. The program requires 30 credits of coursework. Classes meet at the Lincoln Center campus in Manhattan. After a one-week intensive “boot camp,” classes meet one weekend a month and on-line. This innovative course format allows the program to be completed by full-time working professionals in 12 months. For more information about the program and course requirements, check the detailed MS-cybersecurity degree requirements.

For more information about the cybersecurity master's program, contact:

Dr. Henry Han
Cybersecurity Master's Program Coordinator
phone: (718) 817-5149


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