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CIS Research Talks

The Department of Computer and Information Science regularly hosts research talks on both the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses. These talks are generally given by invited outside speakers from top universities and industrial laboratories, although occasionally members of our faculty will use this forum to present their work. These talks are open to the entire Fordham community.

3/1/2016   Improving Password Security and Usability through Data-Drive Approaches
Blase Ur
2/23/2016   Real Estate Ranking: from Black Magic to Data Science
Dr. Yanjie Fu
2/16/2016   Event Detection in Security and Safety Critical Cyber-physical System Applications
Dr. Md Zakirul Alam Bhuiyan

4/17/2015   Intelligent Big-Data Monitoring of Critical Infrastructure Systems
Dr. Marios Polycarpou
3/2/2015   Toward large-scale human behavior analysis
Dr. Minh Hoai Nguyen
2/12/2015   Optimization techniques for sustainability in high-performance computing
Dr. Ishfaq Ahmad
2/5/2015   Key Enabling ICT Systems for Smart Homes and Cities: Trends, Challenges and Samples of Our Related Works
Dr. Mohammad Obaidat
2/4/2015   Building Draft Genomes for New Species
Dr. Stuart Brown
1/15/2015   Content-based image retrieval using machine learning and similarity matching
Dr. Prabir Bhattacharya

11/6/2014   Iris matching and de-duplication of the Somaliland trial voter registration dataset
Dr. Kevin Bowyer
10/15/2014   From personal big data to human-centric smart services
Dr. Runhe Huang
10/3/2014   How to assemble a genome for next generation sequencing reads.
Dr. Wen-Hsiung Li
5/2/2014   Data Driven Modeling and Hidden Cause Discovery in Global Healthcare
Dr. Jiming Liu
4/28/2014   Trial-to-trial variability, nonstationarity, and the interpretation of firing rate in neurophysiology
Dr. Asohan Amarasingham
4/10/2014   From heterogeneity in cancer to heterogeneity in bioinformatics tools
Dr. Yuval Kluger
4/7/2014   A tripartite clustering analysis on microRNA, gene and disease model
Dr. Ying Liu
3/27/2014   Sensory substitution, multisensory plasticity, and the third kind of "qualia"
Dr. Shinsuke Shimojo
3/26/2014   Open Cloud for STEM-focused Computing and the Virtual Computing Lab(VCL) Environment
Dr.Andy Rindos

04/10/2013   Manhattan Street Networks
Dr. Cristina Dalfo
03/20/2013   The Future of Genomics and Next Generation Sequencing
Dr. Gustavo Stolovitzky
02/21/2013   Robotics!Science and Systems
Dr. Damian Lyons

11/20/2012   Distributed Weight Selection in Consensus Protocols by Schatten Norm Minimization
Dr. Giovanni Neglia
11/7/2012   An Introduction to Chemoinformatics
Dr. Peter Willett
9/17/2012   Toward Discover Science: Insight from Functional Brain Connectivity
Dr. Bharat Biswal
3/29/2012   Causality, Probability and Time
Dr. Samantha Kleinberg
3/26/2012   High-Performance Diagnostic and Biomarker Discovery in Translational Bioinformatics
Dr. Xiaoxu Han
3/20/2012   Online Social Networking and Data Swarming
Dr. Honggang Zhang

4/18/2011   Top-10 Algorithms in Data Mining
Talk by Dr. Xindong Wu
4/6/2011   Next Generation High-Throughput DNA Sequencing for Biomedical Research
Talk by Dr. Stuart Brown
3/4/2011   Functional networks derived from fMRI measurements
Talk by Dr. Ravi Rao
1/5/2011   Dangers Lurking on the Cyber Highyway: Threats in Acedemia, Business, and Crime
Talk by Dr. Frank Hsu and Anthony Ferrante

5/27/2010   Additive Bases and Distributed Networks
Talk by Dr. Xingde Jia
5/27/2010   Additive Bases and Distributed Networks
Talk by Dr. Xingde Jia
3/24/2010   Data Mining: How Retailers, Government & Others Know About Us
Talk by Dr. Gary Weiss
2/22/2010   Evolutionary Systems Biology in health and Disease: Aging and Caser vis-a vis Roubustness and its Breakage
Talk by Dr. Aviv Bergman
2/8/2010   Self-Assembly and growth of Pepetide and Phytohormone based Nanostructures and their Applications
Talk by Dr. Ipsita Banerjee

12/07/2009   The Paradigm of Partial Erasures
Talk by Dr. Dah-Yoh Lim
11/24/2009   Large-scale Quantitative Image Analysis in Biomedical Imaging
Talk by Dr. Chia-Ling Tsai
11/12/2009   Automated Essay Scoring and ESL Error Detection
Talk by Dr. Joel Tetreault
11/5/2009   A frontier of bioinformatics: Investigation into the Feasibility of Detecting Microscopic Disease Using Machine Learning
Talk by Dr. Jack Yang
5/12/2009   Theory of Computation and Computational Complexity: An Overview
Talk by Dr. Oscar Ibarra
4/16/2009   Natural Language Processing and Modern Search Engines
Talk by Dr. Sasha Blair-Goldensohn

12/10/2008   An Overview of Information-Based Complexity
Dr. Arthur G. Werschulz
12/2/2008   Enterprise Computing
Dr. Mark Schlesinger
11/19/2008   Bioinformatics Challenges in High-Throughput DNA Sequencing
Dr. Stuart Brown
11/5/2008   An Introduction to Data Mining and Utility-Based Data Mining
Dr. Gary Weiss
6/13/2008   On Wide Diameter of Cayley Digraphs of Cyclic Groups
Dr. Xingde Jia
6/6/2008   Multidimensional scaling for large genomic data sets
Dr. Honfang Liu
4/11/2008   The Role of Anatomical Structure in Determining Activity in Electrically-Coupled Neuronal Networks
Dr. Farzan Nadim
4/10/2008   Answering Event-related Questions
Dr. Elena Filatova
4/1/2008   Real-Time Kinodynamic Planning: Physically-Realistic, Fast, Safe, and Distributed
Dr. Kostas Bekris
3/31/2008   Novice Object Design:Challenges and Solutions
Dr. Christina Schweikert
3/11/2008   Practical On-Line Learning
Dr. Chris Mesterharm
2/11/2008   Biologically-Inspired Robotics: Learning from Nature
Dr. Alfredo Weitzenfeld

12/12/2007   Information Gathering in Radio Networks
Dr. Jean-Claude Bermond
11/5/2007   Microarray
Dr. Stuart Brown
11/1/2007   Revising our Evaluation Practices in Machine Learning
Dr. Nathalie Japkowicz
5/31/2007   Disruption Tolerant Networks: Performance and Mobility Trace Modling
Dr Ellen Zhang
4/27/2007   Chronic Mercury Exposure and Neurodevelopment Disease
Dr. David Dayya
4/27/2007   An Introduction to Utility-Based Data Mining
Dr. Gary Weiss
4/12/2007   Informatics Approach to Biomarkers for Diet
Dr. Bruce Kristal
3/22/2007   High Performance Text Clustering Algorithms
Dr. Yanjun Li
3/21/2007   Adaptive Representations for Reinforcement Learning
Dr. Shimon Whiteson
3/19/2007   An Axiomatic Approach to Information Retrieval
Dr. Hui Fong
3/1/2007   Study of Programming Plan Mismanagement and Design of WPOL (Web Plan Object Language) with User Profiles and Assesment
Dr. Christina Schweikert
2/28/2007   Biomedical Text Understanding
Dr. Hyoil Han
2/22/2007   Clustering in the Space of Phylogenies
Dr. Li-San Wang
2/20/2007   Genome Tiling Arrays
Dr. Stuart Brown

10/3/2006   Search Engine Spam: Significance and Some Proposed Solutions
Dr. Brian Davison
4/7/2006   Practical Tools for Gene Expression Analysis
Dr. Stuart Brown
4/7/2006   Robust Resource Management in Parallel and Distributed Computing Systems
Dr. H.J. Siegel
4/7/2006   Probe and Probe Sets
Dr. Hongfang Liu
3/30/2006   Computational Complexity Issues in Membrane Computing
Dr. Oscar Ibarra
3/2/2006   The Sera Metabolome of Dietary Restriction - Potential Biomarkers for Long-Term Disease Risk in Humans?
Dr. Bruce Krystal
2/27/2006   Introduction to Modern Cryptography - Beyond the Making and Breaking of Codes
Dr. Dah-Yoh Lim

11/17/2005   Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation of Critical Infrastructures
Dr. Davis Wilson
11/1/2005   Wallet Estimation Models
Dr. Bianca Zadrozny
5/2/2005   Mirage: A Tool for Interactive Pattern Discovery
Dr. Tim Kam Ho
4/28/2005   Architectures for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
Dr. Arjan Durresi
4/15/2005   Creating a 3D Modeling Pipleline for Archaelogical Visualization
Dr. Peter Allen
4/15/2005   Are Dishwashers Intelligent? Reflections on Where Information and Intelligence Collide
Dr. Andrew Kinley and Dr. Gary Weiss
4/15/2005   Robots: Computers with Legs or Mechanical Minds?
Dr. Damian Lyons
4/8/2005   On a Traffic Sensing Problem
Dr. Xingde Jia

11/8/2004   Computational Inference of Biological Networks in Microbes
Dr. Ying Xu
10/20/2004   Multi-Sensor, Multi-Source Information Fusion
Dr. Belur V. Dasarathy


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