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The Computer and Information Sciences Department offers several undergraduate degrees. Below we first list the degrees offerred and then the special programs that are available. We then provide a table which shows which degrees are offered at which college campuses. Finally, we provide a short description of the basic degree programs with a link to more detailed information (which includes the specific degree requirements).

To declare your major, see the department chair or associate chair.
FCRH and FCLC: Declaration of Major Form is on Faculty tab in the portal.
PCS: Print this form and take it to the chair or associate chair: Declaration of Major Form (PCS)

The CIS department offers the following undergraduate degree programs:

  • A major in Computer Science leading to either a BA-CS or a BS-CS
  • A major in Information Science leading to either a BA-IS or a BS-IS
  • A major in Information Technology and Systems leading to a BS-ITS
  • A minor in Computer Science or Information Science or Information Technology and Systems (MINOR-CS, MINOR-IS, MINOR-ITS)
  • An interdisciplinary minor in Bioinformatics (MINOR-BIOINF)

Also, note that a variety of special programs are available. These special programs include: an accelerated 5 year MS program, and the 3-2 Engineering Program. None of these programs are listed in the table below and only the description of the interdisciplinary information systems degree is included on this page.


Fordham maintains three main campuses: at Rose Hill in the Bronx, at Lincoln Center in Manhattan, and a Westchester campus. The CIS degree programs are offerred through one or more colleges. The table below summarizes the programs offered at each college/campus. Note that the College of Professional & Continuing Studies (PCS), which is for working adults and part-time students, offers CIS programs at multiple campuses.

Fordham Degree
Rose Hill X X X X X X X X
Lincoln Center X X X X X X X X
(Lincoln Center)
(Rose Hill)
PCS (Westchester) X X


Below are short descriptions of each of the programs offerred by the CIS department. Each description includes a link to the detailed requirements for the program (including the course requirements).

Computer Science Degree (BA-CS, BS-CS, MINOR-CS)
The curriculum in computer science is oriented towards science and technology. It emphasizes software design and programming, computer architecture and functions, and development of an ability to analyze problems and use the computer as a problem-solving tool. Students graduating from the program will be prepared for careers in computer science, information technology, system design, telecommunications and computer applications, both in the public and private sectors. The BS degree requires additional courses from within the major beyond those required for the BA degree. A minor in computer science is available and requires a total of six courses in the discipline.

Check the detailed CS degree requirements for more information.

Information Science Degree (BA-IS, BS-IS, MINOR-IS)
The curriculum in information science is oriented towards systems and applications. It emphasizes the design of an information system for public or private organizations; application programming and design; and methodologies for storing, retrieving, processing and transmitting data, and information. Students graduating from the program will be prepared for careers in information systems, computer applications and communication technology as found in government, business and society. The BS degree requires additional courses from within the major. A minor in information science is available and requires a total of six courses in the discipline.

Check the detailed IS degree requirements for more information.

Bioinformatics Minor (BIOINF-MINOR)
This interdisciplinary minor studies the sequence, structure and function of genes and proteins in living organisms. This minor requires knowledge from a variety of dsciplines, most notably Biology and Computer Science. It is geared toward science majors.

Check the detailed Bioinformatics Minor description for more information, including specific course requirements.

Cybersecurity Minor (CYBSEC-MINOR)
This minor offers comprehensive integration of problem-solving skills with rigorous theoretical background in the expanding field of cybersecurity. It provides valuable perspective for students coming from a variety of majors such as computer science, mathematics, physics or even economics, business and biology.

Check the detailed Cybersecurity Minor checklist for more information, including specific course requirements.

Information Technology and Systems Degree (BS-ITS)
The ITS major provides students with skills and hands-on experience in systems analysis, database management, web programming, cybersecurity, network administration, and software development. This major emphasizes the needs of capable new technology users across virtually every field of employment. The structure of the information technology systems major allows students to tailor their programs to current workplace demands and long-term career objectives.

Check the detailed ITS degree requirements for more information.


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