Grade Analysis Tool

The grade analysis tool was developed by Fordham Educational Data Mining lab to facilitate the analysis of student grade data. The tool expects the input to represent the grade of one student in one course section. The record should include a student id, instructor id, department name, info to uniquely identify a course, and the student grade. The tool will show the distribution of instructor grades for any given course so that instructors that give grades that differ substantially and significantly from the mean can be identified. It will also show the distribution of grades across departments and many other interesting analyses. The grade analysis was used to generate the information in “An Analysis of Grading Patterns in Undergraduate University Courses” [1]. See the tool documentation for additional details.

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[1] Gary M. Weiss, Luisa A. L. Rosa, Hyun Jeong and Daniel D. Leeds. An Analysis of Grading Patterns in Undergraduate University Courses. In 2023 IEEE 467h Annual Computers, Software, and Applications Conference (COMPSAC), IEEE, Torino, Italy, June 2023.