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Information Gathering in Radio Networks”
Jean-Claude Bermond
Mascotte, Join Project CNRS, INRIA and
University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis

Date:Wednesday, December 12, 2007; 5:00pm
Location: LL 417, Lincoln Center Campus

We study the problem of gathering information from the nodes of a multi-hop radio network into a predefined destination node under reachability and interference constraints. This problem has been studied by France Telecom in the context of how to bring Internet into villages. It appears also in collecting data in sensor networks. In such a network, a node is able to send messages to other nodes within reception distance, but doing so it might create interference with other communications. Thus, a message can only be properly received if the receiver is reachable from the sender and there is no interference from another message being simultaneously transmitted. The network is modeled as a graph, where the vertices represent the nodes of the network and the edges, the possible communications. The interference constraint is modeled by a fixed integer d, which implies that nodes within distance d in the graph from one sender cannot receive messages from another node. We suppose that each node has one unit-length message to transmit. Furthermore, we suppose that it takes one unit of time (slot) to transmit a unit-length message and during such a slot we can have only calls which do not interfere (called compatible calls). A set of compatible calls is referred to as a round. We give protocols and lower bounds on the minimum number of rounds for the information gathering problem in various types of networks.

Jean-Claude Bermond is Research Director (exceptional class) at CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) in the laboratory 13S join lab between CNRS and UNSA (University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis). He has been actively involved in research in the areas of Discrete Mathematics, Interconnection Networks and Parallel and Distributed Computing with applications in Telecommunications. In these fields he has published more than 130 papers and supervised 50 Ph.Ds. He is a member of many editorial boards of journals. He has also co-organized many conferences and workshops on these subjects. He is now responsible for various contracts with industrial partners and he is involved in many international cooperations inside Europe (in European projects) or with Canada and Brazil. He has been chair of different laboratories and president of many scientific and advisory committees in France.

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