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CIS Department Talk - November 5, 2007

The Department of Computer and Information Science & The Society of Computer Science Present

Speaker:Dr. Stuart Brown, NYU School of Medicine
Date:Monday, November 5, 2007; 11.30am
Place:John Mulcahy Hall, Room 403


The development of microarray technology (also known as DNA chips) has led to the expansion of a new field of biology known as genomics. Microarrys can simultaneously measure the expression levels of all genes in a tissue sample. These high-throughput methods generate huge quantities of data from simple experiments, which require sophisticated bioinformatics methods for data analysis.


Dr. Stuart Brown is an Associate Professor in the Department of Cell Biology at NYU School of Medicine, and an Adjunct Professor at Fordham University. He has been the Director of the Bioinformatics core facility of the NYU School of Medicine for ten years. He provides guidance to faculty and students on the use of computational methods in molecular biology research and is Course Director for the graduate level Bioinformatics course offered annually by the Sackler Institute. He is the author of textbooks on Bioinformatics and Medical Genomics. He also serves as Director of the Bioinformatics Core for the NYU GCRC, co-Director of the Bioinformatics Core of the NYU Cancer Institute, and Director of the Bioinformatics Core for the NUI National Institute of Environmental Health Services Center of Excellence. Dr. Brown serves as a scientific advisor to the AMDEC consortium in genomics and bioinformatics and is active in AMDEC projects to share data and software across research institutions in New York State.

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