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CIS Department Talk - February 11, 2008

The Department of Computer and Information Science & The Society of Computer Science Present

Speaker:Alfredo Weitzenfeld, PhD, Computer Engineering Department, Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico(ITAM)
Topic:Biologically-Inspired Robotics: Learning from Nature
Date:February 11th 2008, 2:30PM
Place:John Mulcahy Hall, Room 132


Scientists have studied biology and other disciplines for thousands of years as a way to understand our world. These studies have inspired the development of numerous technologies including robotic systems. These biologically-inspired robotic systems have also helped us better understand animal ethology, i.e. behavior represented by higher-level brain processes, and to some extent also animal neuroethology, i.e. behavior mapped to underlying neural structures.

The work to be presented in this talk overviews a number of biologically-inspired robotic models developed by our group. These models are described using a multi-level schema and neural networks approach that lets us to represent both high level and lower level brain processes in a unifed computational system. Two particular robotic models are described: learning to detour in frogs and toads, and learning spatial tasks in rats.

This work has been funded by a number of national and international research collaborations.

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