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CIS Department Talk - April 28, 2005

The Department of Computer and Information Science & The Society of Computer Science Present

Speaker:Dr. Arjan Durresi, Department of Computer Science, Louisiana State University
Topic:Architectures for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
Date:Thursday, April 28, 2005; 11:30am
Place:Keating Hall, Room 214


Heterogeneous Wireless Networks (HWN) that include both sensor and actor nodes are emerging as a critically important and disruptive class of computers. HWNs are supported by recent technological advances in low power wireless communications along with silicon integration of various functionalities such as sensing, communications, intelligence and actuation . HWN are based on a new platform, networking structure and interface that enable novel, low cost, high volume applications such as nuclear, biological and chemical attack detection and protection, home automation, battlefield surveillance and environmental monitoring.

To achieve the full potential of HWNs a new network architecture is needed. The new network architecture should be scalable, flexible, common for many applications and extendable without the need to redesign the whole network. Due to their nature and operational resource constraints, HWNs are vulnerable to various types of attacks. While designing the new network architecture for future HWNs, the research community has a unique chance to integrate security from the beginning as a fundamental part of the architecture.

In this talk I will present our research results in creating a strong foundation for the design and development of heterogeneous networks of sensor systems that are easy to manage, evolve, and secure, and that can provide quality of service. In particular, I will discuss our solutions for scalable, energy efficient, adaptive broadcast and routing for wireless, heterogeneous and mobile networks of both sensors and actors, which are also able to perform real time tasks. I will continue with our solutions for important security problems in HWNs, namely those of confidentiality and anonymity. In particular, I will focus on our algorithms for management of shared keys and anonymous communications in hostile environments. I will also discuss methods of integrating communications and security solutions and providing flexible tradeoffs between desired application-specific security levels and network resource consumption. Last but not least, I will discuss ways of integrating research activities into teaching, learning and training.


Dr. Arjan Durresi, IEEE Senior Member, is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Louisiana State University. In the recent past, he also held roles as Research Scientist of Computer Science and as Adjunct Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The Ohio State University. His research centers on computer networking, security, telecommunications and bioinformatics, with emphasis on wireless sensor networks, computer and network security, congestion control, traffic management, optical networks, grid computing, Quality of Service, satellite networks, and performance testing. He has published over eighty technical papers in journals and conference proceedings. He also has over thirty contributions to standardization organizations such as IETF, ATM Forum, ITU, ANSI and TIA. He is the PI of three NSF funded research projects. His research has also been funded by the States of Ohio and Louisiana, as well as university and industry sources.

Dr. Durresi serves as Area Editor of "Ad Hoc Networks (Elsevier)" Journal. He has been Guest Editor for several International Networking Journals. Dr. Durresi is the Program Co-Chair of the 20th IEEE AINA-2006. He is the Co-Chair of the "First International Workshop on Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks - HWISE" to be held in 2005 for 11th IEEE ICPADS (International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems). He is the Vice-Chair of IEEE ICPADS 2005. Dr. Durresi was Area Chair for 19th IEEE AINA-2005 and Program Vice Chair of IEEE AINA-2004 conference.

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