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Graduate students Tsung-Ming Liu and Dagan Harrington won the best student poster award at the DTRA(Defense Threat Reduction Agency) Annual Research Review in Springfield VA, in July 2013. Liu and Harrington, who are MS students in the Computer Science graduate program and graduate research assistants working with Dr. Damian Lyons in the Fordham robotics lab, presented their poster on automated mission verification for counter-weapons of mass destruction roboic missions. They won over a field of students and postdocs presenting their work from Carnegie Mellon, Columbia, Cornell and USC among many other prestigious schools. Congratulations Tsung-Ming and Dagan!

DTRA is the U.S. Department of Defense's official Combat Support Agency for countering weapons of mass destruction. DTRA's programs include basic science research and development, operational support to U.S. warfighters on the front line, and an in-house WMD think tank that aims to anticipate and mitigate future threats long before they have a chance to harm the United States and our allies. (


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