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Design Conversations: Explorations in the Synergy of Art and Science

Abby Goldstien, Theatre and Visual Arts
Damian Lyons, Computer & Information Science


The creative design process increasing overlaps art and science. In this seminar series, we will invite several designers, researchers and practitioners who work is at the cutting edge of this synergy. By involving Fordham faculty and students in Visual Arts and in Computer and Information Science in these seminars, we hope to encourage conversations and explorations of the design synergies in these fields. We believe that the conversation will naturally include other departments beyond these two, and most especially Communications and Media Studies.

First Seminar in this series:
Materials of Interaction: The Binding Matter in the Design of Objects, Garments and Spaces

Marcelo Coelho
MIT Media Lab | Ambient Intelligence Group

Wednesday Dec 5th 2007, LL 311 1pm


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