Our platform currently relies on Android-based cell phones for collecting and transmitting sensor data. While the various Android cell phones will largely share common capabilities (at least the ones that we rely on for this project), there may be some differences and our projects uses a variety of these devices. Below are the Android cell phones that we are actively using and who is responsible for them. Some of the cell phones have cellular service while some do not (we can still retrieve data from the ones without cellular service via a WiFi connection to our server or via a USB connection to the phone).

ID Manufacturer Model Carrier Primary Use
1´╗┐HTC Nexus One N/A Retired
2HTC Nexus One N/A Retired
3HTC Nexus One N/A Retired
4HTC Hero N/A Retired
5HTC Hero N/A Retired
6HTC Hero N/A Retired
7HTC Evo 4G N/A Retired
8HTC Evo 4G N/A Data Collection
9HTC Evo 4G N/A Gait Testing
10Motorola XPRT N/A Retired
11Samsung Transform N/A Retired
12Samsung Intercept N/A Retired
13HTC Evo 3D N/A Data Collection
14Samsung Galaxy S3 Sprint Testing
15Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD Verizon Testing
16Samsung Replenish N/A Retired
17Samsung Nexus S N/A Testing
18Samsung Epic N/A Data Collection
19HTC One AT&T Testing
20Samsung Galaxy S3 N/A Data Collection
21HTC Evo 4G LTE Sprint Testing
22Samsung Galaxy Nexus Sprint Testing
23Samsung Galaxy S3 Sprint Testing
24Samsung Galaxy S3 Sprint Testing
25Samsung Galaxy S3 Verizon Testing
26Samsung Galaxy S4 Sprint Testing
27HTC One Sprint Testing

Our Hardware

Mobile Sensors

Accelerometers and Electronic Compasses

Some general information on accelerometers is available below: